Marque régionale "Terroirs Hauts-de-France"

"Terroirs de Picardie" brand

"Terroirs de Picardie" brand federates the producers' networks under the collective brand "Terroirs de Picardie". It's different according the products' specificities : farm products, products under the "bienvenue à la ferme" label, artisanal products or products coming from small and medium-sized enterprises.

It intends to become the guideline for consumers through many applications : federative brand for products, indicative brand to give the points of sale (markets, shops, restaurants, mass-market retailing) and  identital for producers.

A fitted charter :
The regional brand "Terroirs de Picardie"aims to promote the production, the use of raw materials coming from Picardy and the local employment. That's why it has operating rules which give Picard inhabitants the warranty to consume local products. 

Download the charter in pdf format