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On the 9th, 10th and 11th of June, garden and roses lovers are going to meet at Chaalis Abbey !

In 16 years, the Days of the Rose have become an inescapable meeting for roses and green spaces lovers. This year, the Chaalis Abbey, in the Oise department, is opening again its doors for a week-end (on Friday the 9th, Saturday the 10th, Sunday the 11th of June 2017) to celebrate the Queen of the flowers and the art of gardening.

Experts and aspiring gardeners will be given competent advices by the best specialists of the plant world and by keen artisans. Honoured by more than a hundred of horticulturists, nurserymen, rose growers, artists or artisans, the rose will be presented in detail. The charming place of the Abbey park and its rose garden will delight children and adults.

Seson, "Locavore" caterer, in Nogent sur Oise, Terroirs de Picardie sale outlet, will propose you to eat and drink only local products... Don't miss it for anything !

Learn more about Seson 

Opening hours :

- Friday, the 9th from 10:00 to 7:00 pm

- Saturday, the 10th from 10:00 to 7:00 pm

- Sunday, the 11th from 10:00 to 7:00 pm

Rates :

- individual : 8 euros on line / 9 euros on the spot

- group : 7 euros

- three days-pass : 14 euros

- free for chidren under 12 ication 

"Yaka demander", Terroirs de Picardie sale outlet is going to celebrate its 4 years.

To celebrate its four years, "Yaka demander", is proposing you to spend a nice day by reviving the traditional picnic on the water's edge in a musical atmosphere. Jean-Louis and his accordion will charm you until the night !

Join us on sunday, June 11th, from 12:00, Square Jean Naudin ,  Château-Thierry (opposite the "café du port")

You can book by phone 06 04 59 61 23 but it's not compulsory.

On the menu a dish (*) at 10 euros 

- cold dish (crudités / meats / strawberries)

- vegetarian dish ( crudités / legumes / cheese / strawberries) 

- vegan dish (crudités / legumes / strawberries)

but also (*) many different drinks

- draft beer

- champagne

- cider

- fruit or vegetable juice

(*) All is LOCAL of course... !

"Yaka demander", Terroirs de Picardie sale outlet proposes you all the time a wide range of local, fresh and season's products as well as products and drinks coming from our regional producers.

Contact : "Yaka demander" - 32 Avenue de Château-Thierry 02400 Brasles

Open door at the mushroom farm in Laigneville (Oise)

Come to the open door on Saturday, June 10th at 11:00 in Laigneville (60).

The public openings are seldom. Don't miss the visit of the last active mushroom farm in the Oise department.

Ludovic Barré is going to share with you his passion for white but also brown button mushrooms. You are going to know all about this traditionnal culture made in very big stone gallery.

In hauts-de-France and in Laigneville, especially, I eat local food, what about you ? 

Register by phone (03 44 64 76 65) or by  mail

Learn more on the mushrooms certified by the regional brand Terroirs de Picardie

The "trois châtaigniers" farm opens its cutting and transformation plant

Jean-Michel Poppe, Emmanuel Frémaux and Jean-Marie Poppe are pleased to invite you to the opening of their cutting and transformation plant, on Saturday, June 3rd from 10:00 to 5:00 pm in Villers-Tournelle (80500).

Since many years they breed on straw porks which are fed with cereals harvested on the farm. Gradually, the direct sale has taken a more and more important part whether in fresh meat or transformed products.

On Saturday you will be able to see all ! With full transparency you will be able to see the different phases of production : from the piglets' birth to the transformation.

What is the  programme ?

- visit of the breeding

- presentation of the transformation plant

- tasting

You can eat quickly on the spot.

Contact : the "trois châtaigniers" farm 24 bis rue de Belle Assise 80500 Villers-tournelle 

Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en’Or at the 2017 SIA


This year again, the regional brands Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en'Or have been honoured on the stand of the Hauts-de-France region.  The choice of the presented products was established in order to propose visitors a large range of products of the two brands and of emblematic products (both beverages and other products are concerned). In 9 days, 1,300 meals   and  225 breakfasts / snacks were served in the restaurant.

Thank you to  the students from the catering school, Le Corbusier in Soissons who have made  the plate presentation and the service.

In the boutique, 128 different products have been offered for sale. 1,648 customers have come and made purchases there.

Overall  visitors have appreciated the Hauts-de-France stand for its light, colors, visuals, aspect, offer and the way they were received.

Thank you to all our visitors and see you soon.

Come and discover the new 2017 Terroirs de Picardie Sales outlets

The terroirs de Picardie Sales outlets are major actors in the regional products promotion. They are in relation with productors and their products, they are good advisors and help you to choose the best.

In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, there is a regional products shops network.

The Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy promotion committees have joined to edit a guide which lists all the addresses.

You can get it :

- in the shops or Sales Outlets

- in the tourist offices

- by the promotion committees

Don't hesitate and ask for it !

Contact:  Alain Bahuchet - Terroirs de Picardie project leader

Vréni Burlet has opened his estaminet in Nouvion and Catillon (Aisne)

Terroirs de Picardie sales outlet, Vréni Burlet has just opened his estaminet. The project was in the family's mind for a long time : to open a small, friendly place where it would be possible to enjoy the local products and to play traditionnal games of Picardy.

Well, it's done, today next to the grocery where day-to-day products (most of them are Terroirs de Picardie products) are found, you can also eat and play.

You should really discover this place !  

Contact details :

Estaminet Tio't Nes't
33, rue principale
02270 Nouvion-et-Catillon
tél : 06 37 22 12 45

Facebook page

Parlons Saisons (Let's talk about seasons)

"Discover the tenth edition of the magazine of the promotion committees of the Hauts-de-France with in the spotlight "When Champagne enchants taste buds" and dossiers, articles, recipes... to highlight our regional products.

In this edition concocted to present the local products and our brands - Terroirs de Picardie et Bienvenue à la Ferme - you will find :

    - dossiers: Terroirs de Picardie sales outlets, Food Créativ

    - product presentation : honey lime from Picardy and escargots with garlic cream

    - reports : cider from Thiérache, from local products to the canteen, when Champagne enchants the taste buds

    - a pane about nutrtion : honey, health and nutrition

    - recipes

    - games

    - a calendar of season vegetables

If you wish to receive a free edition or the following ones, please sent a mail to Anne Halgand, Promotion committee of products from Picardy.

Download the magazine 

On October 8th and 14th, the safranière of the Somme Bay in Ponthoile (Somme), welcomes you.


"L’Automne Bienvenue à la ferme", they are warm exchanges and discoveries in the farms of the network "Bienvenue à la ferme" (Welcome to the farm). Visits, pickings, tastings are proposed to you by the farmers who open you their doors and share their know-how.

October 8th and 14th, from 10 to 12 am  Anne Poupart invites you in her "safrannière" for 2 hours visit.

Visit programme: 

- Go off to explore the origin of the Saffron, its history, its legends, its culture

- Learn to recognize the real Saffron 

- Discover how cook this spice 

- Visit the flowery plots of land 

- Finish by a tasting of products with saffron !


Price list of the visit: 7 € a person 

Free for least than 12 years

Maximum group of 50 people.

Contact: Anne POUPART  - tél : 03 22 23 59 65

Pour en savoir plus 

Terroirs de Picardie in the battles of Julie and Christian from France 3 TV

Julie and Christian of France 3 Picardy TV had an original idea of report this summer. Passionate with local products they start a discussion about their taste and a battle between two products follows.

The first battle opposes the quinoa of Jean Lefevre from Ognes in the Oise against the lens of Annie Chevallier from Esmery-Hallon in the Somme.

The second battle opposes the goat cheeses of Georges Gribauval from Quend in the Somme against the cow cheeses of Anselme Beaudoin from Grémévillers in the Oise.

The third battle opposes the snails of Dominique Bremer from Saint Quentin en Tourmont in the Somme against the bouchot mussels of Roger Delaby from the "Baie de Somme".

All are "Terroirs de Picardie" products, of course !

"Terroirs de Picardie" Business Convention - 26th October 2015 

Over the years the "Terroirs de Picardie" business convention has become a key appointment. Producers, processors, restaurateurs, actors engaged in tourism and shopkeepers meet there around products. Professional but friendly, this convention is a special time of exchanges. It combines all the key products, the new products of the year and more  unusual products. With more than 250 participants, the 2016 edition was according to the general opinion a very good one

The "Terroirs de Picardie" business convention, organized with the support of the Agricultural Chambers, the Regional Council of Picardie and Agro-Sphères is the time to establish new commercial contacts, strenghten ties and consider new activities to meet the customers' expectations. 

Everyone has found there products which correspond to his expectations.

Organization : Promotion Committee of products from Picardie with the support of the Agricultural Chambers, the Regional Council of Picardie and Agro-Sphères