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Days of plants in Chantilly on May 19th,20th and 21st

Find regional products approved by the brands Terroirs de Picardie/ Terroirs des Hauts-de-France and Saveurs en Or on the stand of the Regional council of Hauts-de-France (stand 104). The tourism regional Committee will also show you all the things to be discovered and to be done in our beautiful region.

Come and participate to quiz, win prizes and taste our symbolic products.

The "ferme des 4 saisons" welcomes you on Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th

Chevrières (Oise) a few kilometers away from Clermont and Compiègne, the "ferme des 4 saisons" welcomes you.

On Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th from 10 am to 6 pm, Mélanie Bonnement is waiting for you to show the spell of the farm during a family and friendly day among animals.

Visit the greenhouses and discover everything about the fruit and vegetable production. Seedlings of vegetables and flowers will be offered for sale and you can gather advice and tips for your garden.

Under the roofs of the farm you can admire an exhibition of agricultural miniatures. Accompanied by an hostess your children can discover the farm and try the paint on jute canvas.

On Saturday, carriage ride will be proposed to you.

On Sunday, you can attend to the sheep shearing.

During these two days, a picnic with local products and pancakes will allow you to eat.

In ordre to know each other, a game will be proposed to you which may allow you  to win some prizes at the random draw at 5 pm. Then do not hesitate, play!

During two days, the Terroirs de Picardie sales outlet, will be opened. You can find seasonal vegetables, dairy products, meat, poultry, ciders, beers and regional fruit juices ... nothing but happiness!

Then go to Chevrière this weekend!

Free entrance!


Ferme des 4 Saisons 
Tél : 0623809475 
For more information

Open doors at the Chèvrerie from Canaples on Monday 1 May from 10 am to 6.30 pm Canaples (80)

Joël Lhermite and Marcel Poisson are waiting for you to discover their job.

You are free to see the animals, milking and how to turn the milk into cheeses. Members of the farmers network "Bienvenue à la ferme", they will reserve you a warm and friendly welcome.

To find out more about the Canaples Chèvrerie, you can watch this little report made by the students of the Lycée Robert de Luzarches from :

Contact : La chevrerie de Canaples 

172 Rue Fieffes, 80670 Canaples

Tel : 03 22 52 93 06


On the 30th April from 10 am to 6 pm Open House Day at Romain Godefoy’s snail farming in Sentelie (Somme)

You have always wanted to know all about this gastropod’s life? So come to Sentelie next Sunday, Romain will show his farming and share with you his passion for his snails....

Passionate by these gastropods and cooking, Romain has made of his passion his job. During the summer, he pampers his 400,000 snails and watches out their welfare. All the stages of the development cycle of the snail are shown on the farm, from the reproduction to the complete development of the snail.

Romain raises the "Gros Gris" snail, which has the advantage of having a flesh as delicate as the one of the "Petit Gris" snail,while being of a bigger size.

When they reach the full-growth cycle, Romain cooks them in many ways, all really tasty. There are, of course, "à la bourguignonne" classical recipes, but also "esgargotine" to be spread, snail-sausages, snails with spiced oil, garlic  cream, leek fondue.

Romain is a member of the Bienvenue à la Ferme network. You can also see him every first Friday of the month in Saint-Just en Chaussée, place de la Gare, during the Rendez-vous du Terroir.



4 rue basse boulogne 80160 SENTELIE 

Tèl : 03 22 55 02 92 -

Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en’Or at the 2017 SIA


This year again, the regional brands Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en'Or have been honoured on the stand of the Hauts-de-France region.  The choice of the presented products was established in order to propose visitors a large range of products of the two brands and of emblematic products (both beverages and other products are concerned). In 9 days, 1,300 meals   and  225 breakfasts / snacks were served in the restaurant.

Thank you to  the students from the catering school, Le Corbusier in Soissons who have made  the plate presentation and the service.

In the boutique, 128 different products have been offered for sale. 1,648 customers have come and made purchases there.

Overall  visitors have appreciated the Hauts-de-France stand for its light, colors, visuals, aspect, offer and the way they were received.

Thank you to all our visitors and see you soon.

Rendez-vous on  Sunday, April 2nd, from 10 am to 5 pm in Plachy-Buyon, a village near Amiens towards Conty, more precisely in the hamlet of Buyon.

Soon it will be Easter, that's why Anne-Sophie and Nicolas have decided to open the doors of Nicolas’ chocolate workshop.

Indeed, what is more pleasant than to discover an artisan at work ? No doubt they will share with you their passion for chocolate.

They will also make you discover their original creations such as the "Rubis Amiénois", a delicious strawberry fruit paste with Amiens macaroons, the "Douceurs des hortillons" small sphere of chocolate full of cream and honey coming from the hortillons and a lot of other products.

Then come all to Plachy-Buyon on Sunday!

Learn more about Nicolas' chocolats

Come and discover the new 2017 Terroirs de Picardie Sales outlets

The terroirs de Picardie Sales outlets are major actors in the regional products promotion. They are in relation with productors and their products, they are good advisors and help you to choose the best.

In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, there is a regional products shops network.

The Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy promotion committees have joined to edit a guide which lists all the addresses.

You can get it :

- in the shops or Sales Outlets

- in the tourist offices

- by the promotion committees

Don't hesitate and ask for it !

Contact:  Alain Bahuchet - Terroirs de Picardie project leader

Vréni Burlet has opened his estaminet in Nouvion and Catillon (Aisne)

Terroirs de Picardie sales outlet, Vréni Burlet has just opened his estaminet. The project was in the family's mind for a long time : to open a small, friendly place where it would be possible to enjoy the local products and to play traditionnal games of Picardy.

Well, it's done, today next to the grocery where day-to-day products (most of them are Terroirs de Picardie products) are found, you can also eat and play.

You should really discover this place !  

Contact details :

Estaminet Tio't Nes't
33, rue principale
02270 Nouvion-et-Catillon
tél : 06 37 22 12 45

Facebook page

The Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en'Or regional brands are at SIA 2017 - Hall 3, allée B n°42

Once again this year, come and discover the gastronomic riches of our region thanks to a gourmet break at the tasting area of the Terroirs de Picardie and Saveurs en'Or regional brands.

A regional restaurant space to taste on site, a shop of products if you want to bring them at home.

Menu :

- The Hauts-de-France plate is composed of 17 different products. It's a real discovery of the region through your taste buds.

- In the Trio-plate you'll find the traditionnal "ficelle picarde", the pie with Maroilles cheese and the flammiche with leeks.

- The desserts will allow you to discover the speculoos ice-cream or the "gâteau battu"

A flute of champagne, a bier, a cider, a sparkling wine of rhubarb or an apple-juice..., can be drunk with your meal.   

If you arrive early or plan a late return, a breakfast or a snack will allow you to rest and recharge your batteries.

About 115 products are to be discovered at the shop and can be brought at home.


Parlons Saisons (Let's talk about seasons)

"Discover the tenth edition of the magazine of the promotion committees of the Hauts-de-France with in the spotlight "When Champagne enchants taste buds" and dossiers, articles, recipes... to highlight our regional products.

In this edition concocted to present the local products and our brands - Terroirs de Picardie et Bienvenue à la Ferme - you will find :

    - dossiers: Terroirs de Picardie sales outlets, Food Créativ

    - product presentation : honey lime from Picardy and escargots with garlic cream

    - reports : cider from Thiérache, from local products to the canteen, when Champagne enchants the taste buds

    - a pane about nutrtion : honey, health and nutrition

    - recipes

    - games

    - a calendar of season vegetables

If you wish to receive a free edition or the following ones, please sent a mail to Anne Halgand, Promotion committee of products from Picardy.

Download the magazine 

Two new Terroirs de Picardie sales outlets are now waiting for you in the Aisne departement

The firts one is in Saint Quentin (02100),  63 rue Emile Zola : the counter of regional products. Many products from Picardie and from Nord pas de Calais can be found there.

The second one is in Montaigu (02820), 20 rue du Prieuré. Aurelien Santerre and  Justine his wife, have taken over the bakery in the village. They propose a catering service, sell tobacco and magazines and of course local products. When you see the cakes made by Aurélien, you'll do, like I did, buy them ! Aurélien and Julie have just created "Les merlettes de Laon" a delicious chocolate, symbol of the "Montagne couronnée".

So, don't hesitate, visit these two new terroirs de Picardie sales outlets !

For further information about the Terroirs de Picardie sales outlets



Nicolas's Chocolates

Anne-Sophie and Nicolas Haag, the founders of Nicolas's Chocolates, are listed from now in the guide of the 151 better French chocolate factories. Anne-Sophie welcomes the clientele in the Amiens shop opened in 2014 while Nicolas works his creations in the laboratory of Plachy.

Winning a "silver tablet" trophee in the chocolate environment, it's like winning two stars in the Michelin guide for a head chef. "It is our Grail, the outcome of many years of work", savor Anne-Sophie and Nicolas Haag, who appears for the first time this year in the 2017 Guide of the Chocolate Crunchers Association, beside the biggest Parisian houses.

Realy an institution in the chocolate environment, it lists 151 better addresses of chocolate factory-cake store in France and those of 40 foreign houses tested by a jury of 18 members. Three of these houses are from Picardy: Nicolas's chocolates, which have a shop Faidherbe street in Amiens and of a laboratory of manufacturing in Plachy-Buyon, the chocolate maker-confectioner Delaveaux, based in Lamorlaye (Oise), which integrate both the guide for the first time - and the "Houwt d'Abbeville" chocolate factory-cake store which consolidates its name this year.

An idea with the world champion of jams

The couple distinguished itself with three of its sweetnesses already proposed in their shop. The jury, which has blind tasted them, greeted "a real know-how in the service of perfectly mastered boldnesses". Unhoped for Anne-Sophie who welcomes the clientele in the Amiens's shop. "I have hesitated for a long time before accepting our participation in this competition. I did not doubt in the quality of our products, I knew that Nicolas was ready, but after reading this guide during several years, I can tell you that sometimes, comments can be very acerbic, it is little freaking out but in the end, we had only positive returns, it's nice."

The duet made it's own way since its installation in 2008 in the small municipality of Plachy-Buyon. With the increase of activity recorded after the opening of the shop of Amiens in 2014, they had to stop the sale of chocolates to Plachy to allow Nicolas to enlarge his laboratory and to perfect its creations. Moreover, it's there that was created in August the "ruby", one of its specialities which is in fact a strawberry fruit paste with splinters of Amiens macaroons. The idea germinated after he met a few years ago Marie-Paule Defacque, world champion of jams, in the Picardy jam Festival. "We have exchanged a lot around the strawberry-macaroon jam she had invented. I cogitated a lot around this creation. A few years later, I worked in my laboratory and after many attemps, the product finally balanced itself and was produced this summer", tells Nicolas Haag. This ruby, which will be apparently one of the flagship products of the shop during Christmas and new Year holidays, takes also a part of four sweetnesses which are proposed since September in the shop with the "Terroirs de Picardie" label. "Of course we find also the macaroon of Amiens, the 'tuiles' of Amiens as well as another creation of Nicolas, the sweetnesses of the hortillons which are in fact a milky ganache with honey of hortillons supplied by the hives of Wailly and coated with dark chocolate", details Anne-Sophie.

Other satisfaction for the duet: he has signed on August a convention with the tourist office of Amiens and the Somme tourism for the implementation of an organised trip which will be proposed in the next spring on the theme "Discover the chocolate" and a sweety speciality of Amiens. Foreign tour operators are already interested. At the program of the visit: demonstration and tasting of a speciality in the shop and the history of Nicolas's chocolates. An opportunity for the duet to be known beyond its borders.

The "cueillette du Chapeau de Paille" is organizing, this week-end, the "apple fair"

For the second consecutive year, Séverine and Vincent Liénart are organizing a fair dedicated to the apple. On Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, 9th, they will welcome the visitors who can savour many recipes made from apple, the star of autumn.

"We are going to make tarts, compotes but also toffee apples. Children can take part to the longest peel contest, ride a pony in the orchard or get their 'wheelbarrow licence'", says Vincent Liénart.

Since a few weeks, the picking of Saint-Gratien has proposed different kinds of apples such as Gala, Boskoop, Jonagored or Pinkgold. Fruits which are going to be pressed this weekend and then, be savoured. "Thanks to a fine end to the summer, the production of fruits is rather good compared to other regions", adds Vincent Liénart. A production which has allowed him to win prizes in the famous cheese and regional products fair in La Capelle: a silver medal for dry cider, a golden medal for the medium-dry.

Other activities are going to take place this autumn: apples will be pressed on Wednesday, October 12th and animations around the gourd (sculptures, recipes) will be proposed during Halloween holidays.

From September 30th to October 3rd Exhibit Fair in Compiègne

Come and find our region products on the stand of the regional Council of the "Hauts-de-France" 

Come and savour a delicious soup of endives which, I am sure, will make you appreciate this emblematic vegetable of our region.

Beans of Soissons, terrines of farmers porks brought up on straw, salicornias of the Somme Bay, beers, nectar of rhubarb and many other products are waiting for you.

Come and play the "quiz of products" in order to win a lot of presents.

Then, everybody should come to Compiègne in this week-end !

On October 8th and 14th, the safranière of the Somme Bay in Ponthoile (Somme), welcomes you.


"L’Automne Bienvenue à la ferme", they are warm exchanges and discoveries in the farms of the network "Bienvenue à la ferme" (Welcome to the farm). Visits, pickings, tastings are proposed to you by the farmers who open you their doors and share their know-how.

October 8th and 14th, from 10 to 12 am  Anne Poupart invites you in her "safrannière" for 2 hours visit.

Visit programme: 

- Go off to explore the origin of the Saffron, its history, its legends, its culture

- Learn to recognize the real Saffron 

- Discover how cook this spice 

- Visit the flowery plots of land 

- Finish by a tasting of products with saffron !


Price list of the visit: 7 € a person 

Free for least than 12 years

Maximum group of 50 people.

Contact: Anne POUPART  - tél : 03 22 23 59 65

Pour en savoir plus 

Come and discover the mushroom bed of Laigneville (Oise)

For Heritage Days, let yourself tempted by the discovery of the white and pinkish mushrooms produced in the quarries of the South of the Oise

On Saturday, 17th and Sunday, September 18th at 2 pm and 4 pm, Ludovic Barré will show you the last subterranean mushroom bed in service in the Oise at Laigneville.

You will discover everything on this fabulous product which, raw or cooked, knows how to satisfy all the gastronomes.

Let's go to :

Grande Champignonnière de la Croix Madeleine  

814, Rue de la République

60290 Laigneville

The Cheese Fair of La Capelle (02) on 3, 4 and 5th September


It is an inescapable event of the region!

Come and discover the Maroilles cheese AOC in its country of origin, the producers will be present to enjoy all their subtileties. A cheese to be eaten without moderation. On a tray or in cooking, it is always in its place!

The "Terroirs de Picardie" brand will be present in the big market on the stand of the Regional council of the "Hauts de France".

  • - Come and discover the products, to savour "croustillons picards"  and participate at the Quiz on the products and the recipes..
  • - Presentation of animals and farm equipment.

A lot of producers of Thiérache will be present in small market, do not forget to visit them !

  • - Folie Douce de Thiérache,
  • - Cidre de la Fontaine Hugo,
  • - Lapins du GAEC de la Vieille Grange,
  • - Confiture de lait.

To learn more about this event

Terroirs de Picardie in the battles of Julie and Christian from France 3 TV

Julie and Christian of France 3 Picardy TV had an original idea of report this summer. Passionate with local products they start a discussion about their taste and a battle between two products follows.

The first battle opposes the quinoa of Jean Lefevre from Ognes in the Oise against the lens of Annie Chevallier from Esmery-Hallon in the Somme.

The second battle opposes the goat cheeses of Georges Gribauval from Quend in the Somme against the cow cheeses of Anselme Beaudoin from Grémévillers in the Oise.

The third battle opposes the snails of Dominique Bremer from Saint Quentin en Tourmont in the Somme against the bouchot mussels of Roger Delaby from the "Baie de Somme".

All are "Terroirs de Picardie" products, of course !

"Terroirs de Picardie" at the Agricultural Show from the 27Th February to the 6th March 2016 

From the 27th February to the 6th March, at the Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, the regional joint pavillon invites you to a walk combined with food tasting with an exclusive space of regional restaurants, a store with products of the two brands "Terroirs de Picardie" and "Saveurs en'Or", and the discovery of regional tourist treasures. You will find a wide offer of products at the restaurant space and the store (hall 7.1, allée C 2 et A1).

The regional stand will help you to discover or rediscover a great deal of emblematic products through activities based on sweet products : "Gâteaux Battus" (beaten cakes), "Coeurs de Picardie" (a kind of biscuits), waffles filled with vergeoise, candy floss with lime honey from Picardy, macarons from Amiens... , seafood products.  

"Terroirs de Picardie" Business Convention - 26th October 2015 

Over the years the "Terroirs de Picardie" business convention has become a key appointment. Producers, processors, restaurateurs, actors engaged in tourism and shopkeepers meet there around products. Professional but friendly, this convention is a special time of exchanges. It combines all the key products, the new products of the year and more  unusual products. With more than 250 participants, the 2016 edition was according to the general opinion a very good one

The "Terroirs de Picardie" business convention, organized with the support of the Agricultural Chambers, the Regional Council of Picardie and Agro-Sphères is the time to establish new commercial contacts, strenghten ties and consider new activities to meet the customers' expectations. 

Everyone has found there products which correspond to his expectations.

Organization : Promotion Committee of products from Picardie with the support of the Agricultural Chambers, the Regional Council of Picardie and Agro-Sphères